the glory of tradition

Sunday morning dim sum has never tasted better. we go every three week and it might be the greatest tradition of all time. fuck Christmas, this is so much better, I've never even met Jesus why should I celebrate his fucking birthday.

anyways good night overall, got juiced, escaped the drunk tank and won a walking race.

now to business:
raps play the hornets tonight as Mo Pete comes home. if this guy doesn't get a standing ovation, I'm gonna go to Toronto and personally beat the shit out of every fan in that stadium. the man deserves a purple heart. if we can stop the fury that is Chris Paul and win this one we'll be well on our way to a vary nice winning streak.

on another, more serious note: our inaugural Rasho award goes out out too...
dah dah dah dah:

for not only losing his wallet, but also half of his pants. very impressive keep up the good work.

well, I got some cookies in the oven that require my attention.

don't forget to zip up after you use the toilet