Girv Checks In

caught most of the raps game last night, holy shit. 96-54? I think our defense is back, perhaps the return of Chris Bosh had something to do with it. Rasho with 12 and 4 boards in 30 minutes, 6 for 9 and a team leading +30 rating. so thats not a spectacular run but had he stared instead of Bargnani I'm sure we would have seen more production. not that i have anything against the masked menace, unlike some (uncle Benson). bosh was a little off going 2 for 10, but what do you expect from a guy who hasn't played in ten games.

rush hour 3 was a disappointment, but you gotta see the end of the series. too many cheap laughs, and references to previous movies. also very predictable, and the bloopers in the credits are getting pretty old. either they're fake or these are the two dumbest fucks in the world (aside from Jamario moon of course).

Roberto Alomar gets the call for the wall of excellence. great news but I'm not sure where they're gonna put him, theres no more room on that wall. he said when he gets into the hall he wants to go in as a blue jay: 17 seasons, career .300 average, .984 fielding percentage, 10 consecutive gold gloves (most underrated trophy in baseball), 1992 alcs mvp, 12 time all star. gotta love it!

Oreo cakesters are the next big thing that won't last a year. too bad, they're great.

tonight: johnny macleans, lost, and $6 pitchers.