T.R.O.B (they reminisce over bunning)

Hola fine reader(s)...

Just bunning around in toronto right now, went over to a broux's house to partake in a lord of the rings drinking game, but wait, before you label me as a loser, let me tell you, it was the most intense three hours of my life, i was hanging onto every word spoken by aragorn to see if i would have to drink, the rules are far too complicated to spell out here, but if you dare to, google the game, and have on some amazement..

anyway, i also stopped into my favourite bunning emporium, aka vesta lunch and had on a great amount of club sangwich and freedom fries...very delicious,

einhorn out,

just letting you all know that in fact, contrary to popular belief, i am still alive, and free from incarceration

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