well, there you have it

in case you haven't heard, Sam Mitchell was fired today.

now I've always liked Sam Mitchell as a person but lately his coaching has been, for lack of a better word, suckey. although i don't think the Toronto media will ever be handled the same way again, i shall have to agree with brian's call on this one. as for who will be the next coach, i think jay triano (good canadian boy) will be able to do the job as long as he has to but i feel that brian is looking for someone else. since i do in fact have a life, i'm not going to go through all the NBA coaches who are currently out of work and give them all scores out of 37. i guess we'll have to see, but i'm going to give the current edge to leo rautins. i am of course, kidding.

as for www.firesammitchell.com. i suppose that speaks for itself. i guess they'll have to change their name to www.firejaytriano.com. manz always need somebody to hate.

also, Ted Rogers died yesterday. the man did a lot of wonders for the toronto blue jays and was instrumental in bringing the mighty Miami Dolphins and the unstoppable "Wildcat" offense to the sky dome. as much as i respect uncle ted, i still can't stomach what he did to our beloved stadium. it will be interesting to see what happens to the team now but i sincely hope that we are left in good hands.

good luck in all your endeavors name brother

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