ok so my last e-mail was met by anger and aggression as the administrator deemed it "inappropriate ". so i responded again by saying: "Listen, I was just giving some feedback to your well proofread e-mail. i don't need you guys telling me I was inappropriate, I know I was inappropriate. The only question is: do you know how inappropriate it is to send an e-mail to a whole fuckload of people with obvious errors in it. I don't think you do. maybe you should lighten up a bit and pull that huge stick out of your ass. do you really thing you can plan a large event with such an uptight attitude. Jesus Christ, your gonna have a heart attack before you even get to order the balloons. Just because we graduated from the same place doesn't give you the authority to deem my e-mails inappropriate. Please don't take this as a message of hate. I was just slightly annoyed that my fairly friendly response to a poorly written e-mail was met with such anger and offense. hey man, I'm just trying to help.

give Fredricks my best

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