Bake Your Own Ziti: Words I Know That You Dont...Youre Complete Guide to Understanding Lois

Good Evening ladies and gentleman, I am currently gwopping out all kinds at Lake Louise, ooking out over the vast busloads of asian tourists posing or pictures, pretty noodle nation...yadididamean

Anyways, here are some words that I use that you all should it is detrimental to your living, and to my quest to indoctrinate the youths with the patois of lois Einhorn

Gwop(ping)(ped out)(ular): Gwop is a word used to describe cash money, aka cheese aka cheddar aka fettucine aka stacks...Gwopping is the act of being gwoptastic or gwoptacular while remaining gwopped out.
"Yo, What's thizzing rat master, shredder is gwopping out all kinds with April, Gwop Team Assemble"

Personal: Personal is the word used to substitutute the overused and played out word Persy.
"Yo, That New Weezy album is really personal"

stay tuned folks....

and....Listen to Asher Roth

Einhorn out

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