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hey folks, its the girv again. just got an e-mail from the alma matter NTCI about the impending 100th anniversary. it's in the year 2012 and i think we should all go. heres the e-mail:

NT will be holding its 100the reunion on May 9-112, 2012. Alumni interested in helping to organize this event are invited to an organizational meeting on Monday June 16th in L8 at NTCI at 7 pm. Information on committees is attached.

and heres my response:

Well, I think we should we should have green balloons. I heard somewhere that green was a good colour for 100the(?) reunion. This guy I knew, he tuned 100 and they had green balloons and he hooked up with like twenty more chicks before he kicked the bucket.

Also, I think we should go to may 113 instead of may 112, 103 days really isn't enough time to celebrate the legacy that is North Toronto.


p.s. Give my regards to Fredricks, I hear he's dong well in his new position.

hope you guys are doin good

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