Road Trippin

first off, apologies to those who are pissed off at the fact that we have not blogged since we got back home. i can only cite our laziness as the cause and hope that you understand. as for the trip here it was fitch and the girv in the most reliable vehicle in the world. here's a recap:

broke gott's mom's jam before we even left (it was wrapped in the bathrobe).

had a pretty good time through ontario but just before we hit quebec the enine started to overheat. we took a look under the hood and realized that there was a coolant leak. so we high-tailed it to a truck repair station where a lovely old machanic named larry(?) and his young apprentice helped us out. turns out the cap for the fluid was loose and the coolant was spewing everywhere. anyways we learned that a good quick fix for a radiator leak is to drop a couple of eggs into the coolant lines. hum. after that we had dinner at a subway with the most open floorspace you will ever see in a submarine shop. anyways, montreal was a complete disaster. we drove about 10 km into the city and were told we had to turn around and go back the way we came then go around the city because of some small construction. the rest of montreal can only described through the muse of video:

we stopped at a motel outside of montreal and got going early the next day. although it is a nice drive, there wasn't much that happened. new brunswick sucks. here are some visuals:

Persy apples

Gasin' up



The sea

let it begin

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