The Adventures Of Patty The Pigeon

1:30 AM: age discrimination

2:00 AM: head to 8-east and then go to 7-west to check out the kids getting booked at pacifico. find a pigeon sitting on the ground and discover that it cannot fly. carry the pigeon to willy's where the asshole of the year pours an entire can of iced tea on the bird while i'm holding it in my hands.

2:30 AM: get patty to the man cave where it sits outside for awhile.

3:00 AM: get patty to the watchtower and feed it some bread on the balcony, then leave it to rest.

11:00 AM: get patty some breakfast.

3:30 PM: other pigeons start visiting patty on the balcony.

5:00 PM: fire alarm goes off. check on patty only to find that he's gone. so sign of him on the balcony or anywhere on the ground around the building. conduct extensive search with no results. patty presumed alive and flying. cockles of heart begin to warm up.

fly free my friends

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Anonymous said...

you will be missed patty (not that ginger chud)... like all great things you left us too soon.