We're Back!

that's right folks, we are getting into full swing here at blidlife. it's been an eventful summer but we can only hope it will be a more eventful winter. it's shaping up to be a good one and here are some reasons why:

-raps season
-jermaine o'neil
-baseball playoffs
-biochem (again)
-urinating on public communication devices
-new immediate surroundings
-more frequent blog posts
-more "say a few words about"
-new stuff (ie. logo)
and possibly
-a new writer!

all these things are great and it should be fun but as much as we should be looking foreward lets look back on those we lost and the things we'll miss.

-rasho (in indiana)
-chuck (in chicago)
-TJ (also in indiana)
-carlin (in hell)
no that's rediculus, hell doesn't exist. what the fuck just got into me?

ok this is getting out of hand. lets have a look at the raps:

this year we will retain the core of our group with a few additions. although we lost ford and won't have the same 1-2 punch at the point i think the deal was for the best. if we realistically want a more balanced team we can't have 2 star point guards. now, contrary to popular belief, i'm not an idiot. i agree that getting rid of rasho was for the better, and i say this out of absolute devotion to the rasho way of life. jermaine o'neil is a better choice and even if he doesn't produce as much as some say he will, his preasence should elevate the game of one chris bosh and make the team better. as for the aquisition of matt devlin, he won't be chuck swirsky, and we need to stop listening for swirsky. he's gone, shit happens, get over it and try to find something to like in devlin.

on that note i've got to give the rasho of the summer to cito gaston.
no explanation necessary.

now, i do have some very exciting news:

i'm sure you've heard of pirates. if you haven't that's ok just skip this section this probably won't seem very interesting.

pirates is Back like blidlife!

holy shit.

well that's it for the triumphant return.

stay tuned


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hey girvan i just found out jim bunning threw a perfect game...

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