What Really Turns My Crank Vol 1: Considerate Hipsters

Good Afternoon fine Blidaterians,

So this morning I had the pleasure to wait outside a local high end footwear retailer to purchase a really great new pair of sneakers. I got there at about 7am, to wait until 11 to secure a pair of these hard to come by sneakers. When I arrived at 7am, I was the only one there, to the best of my knowledge, and after staking my spot in front of the store, to be the first person to get these, I was alarmed by a young male who appeared to be about 17 or 18..This male came out and informed me that I would have to allow him to get infront of me in line for these shoes, as him and his father, had been sleeping in their car since 2am to get a pair of these shoes...So I was needlessly pissed off, but obliged due to the presence of his father who appeared very agitated at being there in the wee hours of the morning waiting with his son for sneakers....The experience got signifigantly worse before it got better...This young man, started to talk, and honestly didnt stop until after 11 when he had got his sneakers...I enjoy a friendly conversation, but when he was telling me every single article of clothing he owned, and asking everyone in the line what they were wearing.....In my blid mind, I defined him as a Considerate Hipster... A considerate hipster is one who frequents streetwear message boards, and takes pictures of himself adorned with every outfit he owns...He told me that the way I was wearing my "denim wear" was out of fashion, and that it was only hip during the months of March and April 2007...He told me that he soaked his jeans in cold water, and wore them for a week without washing to get perfect creases, and he told me how to fold them in ways which were in for this month....I by no means am anti-hipster, im righ there to wear loud shirt and neon shades...but this guy seemed to just rub me the wrong way(no homo)..

anyways, Im bunning and ready to rock out with new gear in a non-considerate demeanor

Einhorn Out

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Terry Wrist said...

hey. long time fan, first time commentor. love the site. only thing that i can think of to make it better would be to include turbans in some fashion or another.
possible ideas include turban contests, turban day, turban month, funny turbans, funny turban month, etc

just a thought